SuperQuilt LG Reflective Foil Insulation Fully LABC, BDA Certificated for Roofs, Walls and Floors

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Covers Area of: 15 square metres
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£99 (ex. VAT)
£118.80 (inc. VAT)

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We have the lowest Next-Day delivered price for the the NEW 2016 LABC Certificated version of the this Insulation blanket. YBS is the highest performance certificated Multi-foil insulation in the World. Importantly - it is Guaranteed for LIFE of a build when purchased through us - an authorised SuperQuilt distributor**

When ordering direct today, you'll pay our lowest Trade price of £99 Plus Vat for 15m2 by ordering online.

This product is LABC certificated for building Control regulation to Insulating Roofs, Walls and Floors. It is our most effective Insulation solution to keep more heat in the home.

It is the Loft converters, Self builders, builders and D.I.Y'ers favourite choice of easy to fit Insulation.It is recommended by leading Architects and Building Control officers for Loft Conversions, Re-roofing, Wall and Floor Insulation - especially where space is a premium.

You can download the detailed Information Data Sheets from the bottom of this page for insulation for Roofs, Walls and Floors. For Roofs, simply staple it straight on to the rafters - watch the online video to see how easy it is to fit.

By fitting this type of product you leave your loft floor clear for storage or use as a loft conversion. And unlike fibre Insulation theres no itching or harmful floating fibres contaminating your home. It is flexible, easy to handle and guaranteed for life

It is kimbled together combining nineteen layers of aluminium foil, wadding and foil thermo membrane. To order Call UK 0844 9919949.

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