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Covers Area of: 75 square metres
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£149 (ex. VAT)
£178.80 (inc. VAT)

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BBA Certified Foil-Tec Double is a reinforced, multi-layer coated foil laminate Foil product specifically designed for under floor insulation.

The aluminium is coated with nitro-cellulose to provide a corrosion resistant insulation system, which is less than one millimetre in thickness.

Foil-Tec Double is an exremeley high performance thermo reflective foil insulation material that acts as a heat reflecting membrane creating a low emissivity air space below the floor.

Foil-Tec products can be applied to enhance ‘U’ values in new builds, renovations or refurbished building projects to meet and exceed the modern Building Regulations.

Unlike some other over engineered single foil laminate heat reflecting membranes, YBS Foil-Tec Double represents excellent value.

In many cases Foiltec Double used in suspended timber floors will meet Building Regulations requirements with no additional measures.

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