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Covers Area of: 15 square metres
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We have specialist multi-foil reflective insulation solutions for storage tanks & vessals storing liquids where frost protection or retaining more heat for longer is required.

Multifoil reflective insulation unlike traditional fibre, Foam, PIR, Polystyrene or Ridgid Insulation is designed to instantly reflect heat back in to the closure AND protect from cold and frost ingress. The air gap between the insulation and the tank acts as a radiant barrier. Heat transfer through the multi-foil Insulation is minimised because the blanket has air pockets preventing cold bridging through the layers.

For outdoor applications battening the exterior of the foil and cladding will protect the exterior foil resulting in an insulation system that is likely to last the lifetime of the tank.

SuperQuilt LG is the highest EN certificated multi-foil Insulation blanket in Europe recommended for large industrial projects. EcoQuilt Expert is our best selling and most cost effective multi-foil solution when measured by a ratio of performance - V-cost.

Our System is used throughout the agriculture, Industrial and Commercial industry to prevent Fuel & Diesel Storage tanks freezing over cold periods. Propane Tanks can often freeze up over colder periods also, by simply insulating the tank using EcoQuilt or SuperQuilt Reflective Insulation this can be prevented.

Our Solution is designed to
Provide an ambiant tempreture
Prevent contect of Tanks & Vessels freezing
Maintain maximum heat for longer to save on Energy Bills

Regular Insulation uses for our soultions
Temperature Regulation Storage , Storage Tanks for Liquids and Gasses; Propane, Diesel, Low Temperature & Cryogenic Systems. Tanks of digester gas for sewage treatment plants or biogas at landfills. Silos and Storage Tanks, Pressurised Gas Systems.


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