SuperQuilt LG Reflective Foil Insulation Fully LABC, BDA Certificated for Roofs, Walls and Floors
Buy SuperQuilt LG Foil Insulation Online at the Lowest Trade Rates ever, Direct from Ecohome
Buy SuperQuilt LG Foil Insulation Online at the Lowest Trade Rates ever, Direct from Ecohome

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Covers Area of: 15 square metres
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We guarantee the lowest delivered prices for the NEW 2016 Fully Certificated, LABC, BDA, NHBC 19 layer SuperQuilt Insulation blanket - it is the highest performance EN certificated Multi-foil insulation available in the World.

This product is designed to provide both D.I.Y and Trade with a building Control approved maximum Insulation of Roofs, Lofts, Walls and Floors - Simply watch our video to see "How to fit Superquilt Insulation" in a Loft to maximise Insulation and reduce energy bills.

You can Order online, by phone or request a Call Back now to Order with free Next-Day delivery.

  • It allows you to keep your loft floor for storage or an extra room.
  • It Provides a completeInsulation barrier to retain heat in winter & cut energy bills.
  • Designed to keep your home much warmer in winter and cooler on hot summer days.
  • Keeps Lofts Clean by preventing dirt and dust falling from under the tile.
  • No need to risk fitting Itchy Insulation and risk breathing in the floating fibres.
  • Prevents risk of freezing and burst pipes in lofts.
  • Unlike fibre Insulation that degrades SuperQuilt is guaranteed for the life of the building.

SuperQuilt is also the Loft Conversions favourite Insulation choice, as it saves headroom. Certificated by the LABC and accepted by Building Control. It is designed to save space in limited Rafter depth and gain headroom by not fitting PUR products like Kingspan or Celotex. SuperQuilt is also designed to out-perform fitting foam products like Kingspan or Celotex.

SuperQuilt LG is Certificated by BDA & the LABC for use by Architects, Builders and Roofers to meet Building Control requirements.

You can download ALL Superquilt Insulation Instruction Data Sheets for Roof, Wall and Floors from the bottom of this page. To see How to Insulate Roofs in less rafter space and meet a U Value of 0.18 (or better) for Building Control Click Here. To see How to Insulate Walls Click Here

When Fitting SuperQuilt, SImply staple Straight Below your Rafters, before taping and sealing all of your overlapps and edges.

This insulation is supplied in 1.5M X 10 Metres rolls (15m2), unique kimbles hold the SuperQuilt blanket together to prevent cold bridging. A combination of 19 layers of TRUE aluminium foil, wadding and foil thermo membrane is what makes this Insulation so special.

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