Static Home Caravan Insulation Kit
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Static Home Insulation for under floors

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Covers Area of: 15 square metres
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£119 (ex. VAT)
£142.80 (inc. VAT)

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There are over one million static caravans and mobile caravans in Britain today, most of them have no thermal performance at all leaving the people that live inside them uncomfortably warm in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter. So If you are thinking about insulating your caravan then look no further than our EcoPro static home insulation kit.

The EcoPro static home insulation kit could stop those cold breezy nights in the campsite and make your caravan a much more comfortable living space that you will actually want to spend time in all year round. This is down to the highly reflective outer foil faces of EcoPro that reflect 90% of radiant energy back into your living space. It also reflects the heat away from your caravan in the summer months, creating a cooler place to relax.

This can simply be done by

Stapling the EcoPro insulation to the underside of your static home and sealing all overlaps and perimeter edges with the genuine Thermaseal ultra tape supplied with your kit.

You can also use this product on your roof and walls for even greater performance. This can Simply be done by fixing 25mm battens to your ceiling or walls to create an air gap, before stapling the EcoPro into place. Then you can tape and seal all overlaps and edges before fixing another 25mm batten before boarding to guarantee the highest performance possible.

Our EcoPro insulation kit will cover the underneath of your 10 foot by 30 foot average sized caravan with no problem at all; we also have a smaller 15m2 kit as well if you require it. If you have any questions then call the team on 0114 323 0045.

Each Kit Includes Free UK Mainland Delivery, a Staple gun Kit with Staples and the ThermaSeal Foil Tape for Installation.

Sizes of Kit Required to do the Underside of the Chasis:

28 x 10Ft, = EcoPro 30m

33 x 12Ft = EcoPro 45m

45 x 12Ft = EcoPro 60m

Item Condition: New

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