Airtec Reflective Foil Insulation, For Roof, Walls & Floor.

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Airtec is a multi-layer air bubble film insulation with aluminium bonded to either one face (Airtec-Single) or both faces (Airtec-Double). The aluminium is coated with polythene to give durability and corrosion resistance. Therefore creating a fully waterproof insulation system. Airtec is a high performance insulation material which acts by trapping air within its structure creating low emissivity air spaces which enhance its total thermal capabilities.

Airtec Double has the Highest Performance and is our 'Best Seller' This is mainly due to the fact that there is little cost saving against Airtec Single. All of our Clients use Airtec Double as it is Higher in Performance, Much Stronger, and Easier to Work with than Airtec Single.

The only Time we would recommend using Airtec Single is if it has been specified by your Builder or Architect for a specific purpose or when used in conjunction with Thermal Blocks.

Airtec is BBA Certificated for Building Control and manufactured entirely in the UK. Airtec is often used in Roofs, Walls and Floors, and the Double Airtec will provide the Equivalent Insulation of 55mm Polymer Type Board.

A 25mm Cavity is recommended for ease of Installation however this can be reduced to 20mm and still provide the same R-Value and High Thermal Performance.

For Higher Levels of Insulation, you should see our EcoQuilt Expert and SuperQuilt Multi-Foil Insulation Blankets.


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