EcoQuilt is one of the best performing multi-foils on the market and is suitable for any DIY project to improve the thermal performance of your home. EcoQuilt is ideal for lofts, walls, floors, Conservatories, garden buildings and many more; there is no limit to the applications of this high performance product.

The EcoQuilt thermal blanket is made up of 6 layers of laminated foil, vapour control layer and wadding to provide a thermal radiant barrier. As well as being a thermal barrier EcoQuilt also acts as a vapour control layer so there should be no worries of condensation when fully taped and sealed using the genuine ThermaSeal foil tape.

Ecohome insulation offer a free staple gun kit to fit your insulation on all orders over £500, however this can be supplied separate for £19.95

Ecoquilt is installed with a 25mm gap at both sides to reflect the heat back into your home and also, in summer to reflect the excess heat out from the sun. This is the extra benefit to using this reflective insulation because it isn’t like anything else on the market.

Traditional insulation requires a lot of space to provide the equivalent performance of EcoQuilt. On top of this traditional insulation will retain heat on warm days making your home uncomfortably hot. This is why reflective insulation that keeps you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer is so popular worldwide.


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