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How to Achieve a 0.18 U-value using Multifoils

How to Achieve a 0.18 U-value using Multifoils We understand that finding out the best solution for your roof can be a minefield. If you’re in the UK, and if you are undergoing a refurbishment or extension roof project, commonly you will be given a 0.18 target U-value. Achieving the U-value of 0.18 with Multifoils […]

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Ecohome Insulation’s Guide – Measuring your roof

How to measure your roof to insulate, ready for installing Ecohome Insulation’s high performance Solutions. We will show you how to measure your; Rafters / Pitched Roof Loft Floor / Joists Gable End Rafter Centres Rafters / Pitched Roof The most simplistic method to measure a pitched roof is as followed. Measure the length and […]

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Welcome to our New and Improved Ecohome Insulation Website!

Welcome to our new and improved Ecohome Insulation website! Ecohome Insulation’s originally website was released in 2009, however with forever improving technology a mobile friendly was essential. Who We Are We are a team of specialists in Multifoil and Reflective Insulation materials, with dedicated Sales, Customer Service and Technical departments. We thrive on great customer […]

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