About  Eco Loft Wool

Eco Green Non-Itch Wool our NEW replacement for Ecowool loft Insulation
The 85% recycled Insulation thats Even safer, Quicker and Easier to fit.

To Order 380mm wide rolls to fit 400mm Joists, Rafters or studs Click here
To Order 575mm wide rolls to fit 600mm Joists, Rafters or studs Click Here

EcoGreen Non-Itch Wool makes Insulating a loft Quick, Easy and Safe. Its safe and healthy both for the person fitting the Insulation and people living in the property. Eco Wool Green Insulation is supplied as Either 380mm Wide for Joists with 400mm Centres or 570mm Wide for Joists with 600mm Centres. Non-Itch Can be used for Lofts, Pitched Roofs Between Rafters, in Walls between Studwork and in Floors Between Joists.

Why EcoGreen Non-Itch Wool Insulation?:

  • NO itching, NO dangerous floating fibres. You don't need a protective masks or clothing to fit - it's a real D.I.Y job. Non-Itch is a pleasure to handle unlike glass wool.
  • Non-Itch Eco Wool Creates energy effiecient home lofts & provides Insulation for more than 50 years and does not deteriate unlike ordinary fibre Insulation.
  • NON-ITCH is Also Eco-friendly, made from 85% recycled plastic bottles. You can add to your Current Fibre Loft insulation or fit more layers to increase your Insulation. One layer is Great Insulation- increase to two or three layers for maximum Insulation.
  • Non-Itch is fire tested, and "A" rated energy saving Insulation with full energy saving certification.
  • Supplied in Either 2 Roll packs of 570mm OR 3 Roll packs of 380mm, to suite your home!

If you need to keep your Loft Floor free for storage, you should look at our EcoQuilt Expert Insulation Here!



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