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YBS Saddle and Pipe Clips for Floor Joists, Stud Walls and Roof Rafters.

If you are installing a Double Layer of SuperQuiltUnder or Over Rafter, you can use the Saddle Clips to Recess your First Layer into the Rafters.

EcoQuilt Expert is the Plumbers & Builders Favourite product for insulating Floors. EcoQuilt Expert can be used for underfloor heating systems to prevent radient heat and energy being lost through the floor below. Pipe Clips make underfloor heating systems that use pipes extremely easy to install.

Saddle Clips will create the ideal recommended air gaps above the insulation below the floor deck above. When insulating Under Joist from a Crawl space or Cellar you should simply use a Staple Gun to fix your EcoQuilt into Place.

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