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Custom Calculation For the All New TyvaQuilt Re-Roofing System.

Pay £20+Vat and recieve a Custom U-Value Calculation of Your Project using the TyvaQuilt Re-Roofing System. Simply fill out the Enquiry form here with your current build up along with your Full name and Email Address and our Fully dedicated technicians will create you a Custom U-Value Calulation for you to pass onto Builing Control.

Receive 3 Products in one complete kit for less than £21 a square Metre. Installed quicker, in less Space and at less cost than fitting Kingspan or Celotex.

In the first few Months alone more than 20 TyvaQuilt systems were supplied, and with many clients coming back for TyvaQuilt on their next Project, this really makes you ask, Why would you use Kingspan or Rigid board anymore?

This system consists of three stages, Below, Between and Over using Superquilt LG, Non-Itch, & BreatherQuilt LG. The First of the 3, SuperQuilt is the highest performance & best-Value multifoil on the market. This is fixed straight to the underside of the rafters.

You simply do this by stapling the SuperQuilt below the Rafters going horizontally; pulling tight as you’re stapling. Once fully applied the SuperQuilt should be sealed along the overlaps and edges with the ThermaSeal foil tape we supply.

Once fully taped and sealed the non itch wool insulation roll (or fibre wool) is to be placed in-between the rafters from the outside. The EcoGreen Non-itch wool is made from 80% of recycled products; also there is no need for any protective clothing whilst handling and installing.

The last product that is applied to the outside of the rafters is the specially designed BreatherQuilt. With BreatherQuilt there is no need to install a breathable membrane or counter baton on to your rafters, meaning you don’t have to raise your roof height or waste valuable time.

This product is just simply fixed to the rafters horizontally allowing it to sag by 25mm in-between. You are then ready for your tiles or the finish of your choice. Please Watch the video to the right for the full installation details.

E.G. Enquiry: 'TOM BAKER - Slate tile, batten, 70mm Rafters at 400 Centres and what U-Value you would achieve

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